Machine shop

Through many years of experience in overhaul work of all types of engines and engine parts, we come across few surprises during the overhaul.

In our machine shop at the Wachthoevestraat 1 in Hekelingen we can offer a variety of machining techniques. We have, among other things, various lathes, milling machines, column drills and special equipment such as a keyway cutter, core-type drills and Chris Marine rotory grinders.


Our machines:

Chris Marine CPL Rotory grinder, from 180mm to 650mm.

Chris Marine CPS Rotory grinder, from 600mm to 1400mm.

Mobile boring equipment,

Milling machines, maximum workpiece capacity 800mm long, 800mm wide and 800mm tall.

Core-type drills, variable speeds and MK3 connection for reaming counter fitting holes.

Keyway cutter,

Column drills, 

Heavy press, capable of 100 tons of pressure.

Lathes, 500mm turning diameter and 1400mm between centres.



 Other facilities that characterize our shop:

Overhead crane, on remote control. Capable of lifting 6,3 tonne.

Sand blasting cabin, maximum workpiece capacity

Industrial sink, maximum workpiece capacity

Parts washer, maximum workpiece capacity

Comfortable and safe working environment.